Binary Star – S. Gerard

Cold food takes more energy to digest than warm food.
The body has to heat it up to break it down.
I read that online just now.
Time is a matter of scale and balance.
Of keeping myself intact while shedding outer layers.
I turn in circles before the mirror.
I urinate and return to the mirror.
I turn in circles.
I try on everything in my closet before the mirror and hate it.
I look terrible changing.
I weigh myself again and again and again and still I am 92.

-aus Binary Star by Sarah Gerard




Other women don’t tell you – J. Kolchinsky Dasbach

And you think, my body was an ark once.
And you ask, would it still float? And in days,
your son will have breathed air as long as water.
And maybe Noah was a woman too.
They never told you this. But the rain
is coming and you are holding
a wad of your own hair in one hand
as your son’s head rests along the other.

-aus Other women don’t tell you by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach 

(ganzer Text: http://www.muzzlemagazine.com/julia-kolchinsky-dasbach.html)



And. – M. Lee

and what does it mean when, finally,

you fall asleep, and both awaken
to a gunshot in the dark—

like a single string
in the instrument of night

had snapped—
and she crawls into your arms

for protection—but of course not the real kind,
because that bullet, if aimed at you,

would have gone through you both—

-aus And.  by Michael Lee

(ganzer Text: http://thecollagist.com/the-collagist/2016/6/7/and.html)